It’s the story of how a man and woman meet, two hybrid beings that are as comfortable on Earth as underwater. They practise the art of deep-sea free diving. They dive into the sea’s depths with a single inspiration and can stay immersed in water for an infinite amount of time.

One day, they decided to testify of their unique experience, to transmit their passion, emotion and the magic dimension of their universe. They wrote, shot and produced their first movies, which were quickly broadcast around the world. That’s how «Les films engloutis» were born.

Nowadays, Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier are parents to a little girl and they travel across the aquatic world and the depths of their imagination for new film experiences.

Her: Julie Gautier is native of the Reunion Island. Former holder of several French records in deep-sea free diving (-68m), Julie uses her skills to express herself. She shoots images in apnoea with a unique aesthetic style, using her artistic instinct and the infinite freedom of her movements. Back on firm ground, Julie is an author and a director. Her sensitivity explains her attraction for the world of fiction, as shown in Narcose.

Him: Guillaume Néry comes from Nice. With several records and a world championship title in deep-sea free diving (-125m), Guillaume continues to explore human limits and the unknown deep-sea world. More often in front of than behind the camera, Guillaume lives in water with as much as on Earth. He writes and creates images for some of his craziest ideas that combine aesthetic style and high performance, such as Free Fall or Ocean Gravity.