Galapagos Evolution Expedition

20 March 2017
There are no words strong enough to describe the incredible trip that I’ve just experienced in the Galapagos, during the Galapagos Evolution expedition organized by Roberto Ocha, with the support from Cressi. Along with Ocean Ramsey, Natalie Perra, Estrella Navarro and Pierre-Yves Cousteau, I had the privilege of being the first to explore the Galapagos … ...

Tournage Y40

20 March 2017
From the 4th to the 6th of May the Films Engloutis team and myself went back to the deepest and most beautiful pool in the world: the Y40 in Italy. With Julie Gautier behind the camera, and Anne Maury and Fouad Zarrou as safety divers, I wanted to transpose an idea onto film, a vision … ...